What did the blonde do when she heard that 90 percent of accidents occur around the home?

She moved…

Ever done the splits in the shower?


I mean by accident?

It’s been an interesting day to say the least. We have a walk in shower (the gold one I’ve mentioned before) which is usually a nice safe-ish place to take a shower. This morning for some reason the floor of the shower turned into a soapy skating rink and both feet shot out from under me in two different directions. Ouch.

All I can say is thank god for walls, there was only so far I could go!

Feeling pretty stupid (and somewhat stretched out) I finished my shower thinking I was ok.. other than a bit of tenderness anyway. By the time I sat at work for a while the tendons and god knows what else I stretched were stiffening up. I ended up walking like John Wayne for most of the day.

Another bit of excitement at the office, a ballast blew in a fluorescent light which is right at the entrance to my office (coughCUBEcough). My partner in crime told me that it blew just before I got there with a bang and a shower of sparks (she was alone and yelled out holy fuck!). The shower of sparks was followed by one of the funkiest smells ever. Kind of a burning, smoke, chemical odor which lingered for a while

Cool. Now I’m afraid of fluorescent lighting. Geez, could the list GET any longer?

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