What are kids for, if not to make fun of?

Tom’s been working 3-midnight shifts these last few days ‘switching’ the news so most of our communication has been via the phone.

We were talking tonight after the show and in the middle of our conversation Sean rushes into the office URGENTLY saying “WE HAVE NO HOT WATER!”

“Oh shit!” I think and Tom says “Go, go check” so I rush off to the kitchen. The whole time I’m thinking OH MY GOD WE JUST REPLACED THE FRICKING TANK!

I’m questioning Sean asking if he had run the water and he says ‘Yes! it’s barely warm’ I get to the faucet and turn it on hard left and I feel warm water and then hot. So I arch my brow at him and said “Ok, stick your finger in that stream of water, ok what do you feel?”

“Hot water” says Sean.

I go back to the phone and continue the conversation. A few minutes later Sean comes into the office again saying “I turned it all the way to the end there is NO HOT WATER! I’ve been running it just past the middle and I’m saying it’s cold!” I tell Tom and go rushing off once again and Sean leads me into the Boys bathroom where he was running the tub.

“SEE it’s COLD!!” Says Sean.

I walk over to the tub and dip my finger in and then look up at the tap.

“Um, Sean how many times have you taken a bath” (not nearly enough times but that’s beside the point here and that was an internal monologue..)

“What? Why?” Says Sean

“Ok, so to the left? Yeah that’s HOT and to the right, see where you’ve set the tap, that there is umm COLD.”


So I go back to the phone once more and tell Tom or try to, by this time I’m laughing and I can’t get the story out. Sean (who has ears like a cat) hears me and stands at the doorway to our room glowering at me which makes me laugh even harder. He swans off in a huff indignantly and then keeps hovering listening to what I’m saying.

I said “Oh I am so blogging this one”

“Dear god no! not blogging!!” Says the boy

“Um sweetie, everyone is fair game on this here blog, even me. Now be a good boy and pose by that tub of water… good boy!”




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