I liked Charlotte’s web for the pig

Yesterday, just as I’m about to put my hand on the door-handle of my car I noticed a spider was sitting on it. It was kind of grey with wide spread legs and small dark dots on it’s body. Now, I HATE spiders, not a small hate, NO, a big ass hate! So I leaned over gingerly to blow it off from a safe distance. That’s when it raised itself up on his hind legs and waved it’s remaining legs. AT ME!

So being the brave warrior I am I screamed, blew the spider off the door and as it spun it’s way down a fine thread all ‘Mission Impossible’ style to the concrete parking lot I kicked at it, crushed it with my foot and did a grossed out dance of eww eww ewww in a circle. This was all done to the amusement of the guy just getting into his car next to me.

“I think it’s dead now” he said drolly

I smoothed back the hair that had flopped over my brow during my stomping fit and said “Well he started it.”

He threw his head back laughing, and as he slowly back out his car he said “And you ended it”

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2 Responses to I liked Charlotte’s web for the pig

  1. Jen says:

    Nice job! We outta be killing more spiders nowadays rather than setting them free, like a bunch of tree-hugging hippies.

  2. americanuck says:

    The best bug is a dead bug I say!

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