Checking the top of my head.. is it still on?

After work I was walking towards the train station and I called home to double check with Sean if he knows what time his brother is getting off work today because I was going to pick him up. (The Boys are staying at their Father’s this week). Sean goes “umm I don’t know but the store called looking for him “.

I immediately feel all the blood rushing to my head and I’m thinking all kinds of wild thoughts like ‘did he sleep in and forget his shift?’ or worse did something happen to him on his way to work?!?!?. I knew he told me he was working today last week so I hang up and I call over to his Father’s house, no answer, call again, no answer. I call his cell phone. It’s turned off.

I call Sean back and asked him if he had woken his brother up this morning (he’s Chris’ back up alarm clock) and he said no. I asked him what exactly Chris’ Boss said and Sean says “He just asked if Chris was there, I said no, he said thanks and hung up”. I finished the call with Sean and hung up.

By this time I’m *on* the train and just about to head into the tunnel. My phone rings just as we are pulling out of the station and it’s Chris. All kinds of relief pour into me (you know that he’s alright) THEN I say to him “Were you supposed to work today? Your work called home looking for you” and  as we whoosh into the tunnel I hear him starting to freak out then the signal fades.

I had to wait THREE LONG STOPS before we leave the tunnel and I can call him back. He’s all worked up saying how ” remember how he worked Sunday and he got today off, one of the managers had even initialed the schedule etc etc”. I had to point out he was actually at his Father’s house on Sunday so ok, duh I don’t know this. Then I pointed out how I called several times at his Father’s house AND called his cell with no answer. Ummm don’t you think COMMUNICATION is a good idea? Especially as I’m taxi driver Mom.

So anyway I told him not to panic if he had the schedule changed he’s covered, but to call and get the scoop on why he was called. He then says to me “Well I don’t have the number!!” I told him that I gave it to him and told him to program it into his cellphone. Of course he hadn’t done that. I tell him to call over and get Sean to read the number off the call display.

A few minutes later Sean calls me saying that Chris called and he asked for his work’s number. I didn’t bother pointing out that Chris wouldn’t have known his work called (and to ask for the number) had I not spoken to Chris.

Chris calls back to enlighten me. Turns out that the store was just looking for extra hands.

I’m tellin’ ya, they are trying to kill me.

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