Operating instructions

I rarely read the instruction manual that comes with any electronic item I have. I prefer the whole mystery adventure of trying to figure out how things work on my own, and it’s kind of a matter of pride. Of course this means I miss some really cool features of the device, yanno like finding out I can turn off the BEEP on my digital camera (the thing that’s been cluing people into the fact I’m taking their picture instead of being able to capture a candid photo…duh!) After a while month ok year or so, I usually break down and read it anyway and have all kinds of eureka moments.

The really stupid part is, I tend to always read the instruction booklets for devices that don’t NEED them, or rather don’t need them if you have half a brain. It may be because these booklets are rarely more than a page long and I have a really short attention span..(hmm what?) Oh yeah, a really short attention span.. and they are usually really amusing. These aren’t written for any kind of Einsteins I tell ya..

So I’m reading the instruction booklet for my new hairdryer. It had some of the typical electric device warnings, you know, don’t use in or near water but there were a couple of real doozies in there really tickled me…
6.) Never use while sleeping

WTF?? Why would ANYONE try to use a hand held blow-dryer while sleeping?????

10.) DO NOT direct hot air towards eyes or other heat-sensitive areas

Ummm I don’t think I even need to go there…. ew.

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2 Responses to Operating instructions

  1. Tom says:

    For that matter…if you’re sleeping, how would you turn it on???

  2. americanuck says:

    Some kind of sleep haircare disorder?

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