Honey, don’t buy peanut jars with faces on them.. please??

Just about our entire household (save Chris and the cats) have been struck by a nasty cold, all of us with varying degrees of sickness and all displaying different symptoms ranging from rampaging runny noses to coughs and the losing of one’s voice .

This has made the weekend not nearly as fun as it could have been seeing that Tom and I both had Saturday off, but meh.. what are you gonna do? Didn’t stop us from being our usual dorkish selves.
Nope, we're not drunk, nope nope
The two of us ‘Lame’-o’s that tried to burn off the colds using wine and/or bourbon… boy we were both pretty shiny in the picture up there ^^

The evening silliness stemmed from my fear of Mr. Peanut, or rather the Mr. Peanut jar that was grinning ominously from our cupboard (wearing a hat yet!) unexpectedly when I opened it the other day.

Skeery Mr Peanut jar

I mean seriously, wouldn’t you be startled?

As the evening wore on, Mr Peanut’s hat was passed around…


Chris as Mr Peanut

Nobody escaped..

Nutmeg as Mr PeanutIMG_9044
Yeah sad huh….

You can almost hear Nutmeg thinking “Oh man, someone please get me another family”

So despite everything, still being sick and all, the weekend wasn’t so bad.

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