I’ve been feeling all kinds of nasty since last week. That cold that I didn’t think was so bad later became one hellacious bitch of a cold, or flu?. Whatever. It knocked me on my ass. It totally sucks to have such a violent cough that you have to practically cross your legs so you don’t pee a little, or feel like you have to shove your eyeballs back into their sockets or hold the top of your head on . I spent two days in bed moping, one for being sick in the first place, two for losing my voice which totally takes the amps out of any ‘direction’ (read: nagging) that I give the kids. I mean ‘Go clean up your room’ coming out as a tiny squeak isn’t really that commanding even with an extended arm and pointed finger.

To give them credit though, they’ve been concerned and keep asking if I’m ok. They both know my lousy history of illness and my tendency to escalate to pneumonia (and not the nice ‘walking’ kind). I mean I had bacterial pneumonia four times. My doctor who has since retired gave me credit for recognising it and coming in for my super anti-biotics, you know those one pill a day jobbies. I figure I’m royally screwed come some kind of bio-warfare because any antidote I’m sure I’ve already taken and will be completely immune to. My mother used to call the doctor and get me a ‘scrip for the sniffles and my childhood doc would hand them out like candy. Certain pills don’t work on my anymore. Awesome!

Do I sound sorry for myself? I am, and that’s really not like me. Generally I’m a.. what’s Tom call me?.. A ‘Viking’, soldiering on, shrugging off any illness. Not so much at the moment. It really got me, perhaps a sign of getting older or maybe getting smarter. Not sure which at the moment. I took a couple of sick days and really probably should have taken more but I had stuff to do that needed doing. Maybe I’m still a little bit Viking.

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