Freaks and weirdos on the train once again

On the way home tonight I watched a girl make the mistake of making eye contact with a weirdo on the train. At first I thought maybe she knew him but then I realized he started the talking she just kind of played along being nice. She tries making idle conversation with him and he managed to turn every innocuous thing she say into something suggestive. I think the winner though had to be this one:

Her: I can’t wait until the rapid transit is finished between the airport and downtown, then you can go all the way round Richmond and back downtown.

Him: Hey I loved to go all the way with you. I can’t help it I speak my mind.

There was a moment of uncomfortable silence and then she got off the next stop (whether planned or not I don’t know). She decides to say bye to him and say see you around have a nice day.

He tells her he wished he could see her around and “I love you!” and grabs and kisses her hand.

Then the freak sits next to me turns and smiles. I glower at him and put my nose back in my book.

He makes cooing noises like a pigeon until the next stop and finally gets off.

I so love taking public transit.

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