Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Hubby

We celebrated the wonderful occasion of Tom’s birth last night. We have a family tradition that the birthday boy (or girl) gets the dinner of their choice and Tom’s choice was the O.G. He hesitated at first asking if it was too soon for Olive Garden to which I answered that it’s never too soon for Olive Garden! Pshhhh please!


Of course Sean was majorly bummed that he wasn’t able to go being that he was supposed to be at his Father’s that night but I pointed out he doesn’t miss many dinners out and sometimes it’s nice for us to have a date night with just the two of us.

Tom had a new dish called Chicken Roma and I had my newer-ish seafood pasta. It’s no Crab and shrimp tortellini but since they saw fit to delete it from the menu I guess it’s not bad for a back up. (no I’m not bitter, nope nope!)

We had a great time and left good and stuffed I tell ya.

When we got home Tom opened his gifts.

One of the many things I love about Tom is he makes the opening of presents an occasion. Me? I tear into presents with all the finesse of jackals on a fresh kill. Tom? Each bit drawn out and gamely posing for pictures from my slow-ass camera at each stage of the giftage.
Getting misty reading my mushy card
Classic Tom face
Die Hard 1&2 and Fallen

I’m not a fan of Bruce Willis but Tom can always watch the Die Hard movies with Sean. They have their male bonding nights when I’m at a work dinner or something and they watch all the movies that I hate (Young Frankenstein leaps to mind) so it’s a win-win. I do like Fallen though.


I also picked up a professional clipper set for Tom. He’d added it to his Xmas list so I kind of pilfered from that. Just means he will need to add another to replace it along with a bunch more (hint hint Hon) so I have a pool of things to get ideas from. Of course during my Birthday shopping I came up with a few ideas that he WON’T know about so a-hah!

The rest of the photos are here on Flickr .

We topped off the evening with a cocktail (or two) all and all a really nice evening.


Thank you for being born Hon. I love you with all my heart. Happy Birthday!!


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One Response to Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Hubby

  1. Tom says:

    Yanno, I was about to post a nice long rant about Olive Garden not serving Root Beer any more (BAAADDD idea, guys!!!), until I started getting misty toward the end of this blog post.

    I love you too, Hon!!!! Thank you for your thankyouness…you’re the bestestest gift I could ever hope to recieve!!!


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