Water, water everywhere…

We’d been seeing small amounts of water collecting underneath the kitchen sink for a little while now. Err or should I say it was small amounts at first. At first it was a little bit of dribbles and we thought it was the hole where the old faucet’s vegetable sprayer used to be. Then we thought it was that AND the new faucet’s base not being properly flush with the warped old sink.

It didn’t explain why last weekend there was quite a bit more water and I hadn’t run the sink much that day in order to have splashed that much water up where it would leak out. I mentioned to Tom that the only thing that had run that day was the dishwasher. We both felt the pipes under the sink but couldn’t find anything that was wet that wasn’t in the vicinity of where the puddle was. Maybe it was just a puddle that had slowly grown over a few or so? With a new plug for the hole and some clear caulking from ‘Home Despot’ we thought we were good.

Not so much.

Tom wearing his “freaked out for the sake of the camera” face

Tom calls me today saying the mystery of where the water was coming from was solved saying the pipe that fed from the dishwasher into the drain was gushing. So as I panic and come running he downgrades the gushing to dribbling. (Drama Queen) The dishwasher was in the middle of the wash cycle so he sacrificed some of his ‘play shirts’ and let them soak up the gushing dribbles and let it finish.

I took some action photos while it was finishing it’s rinse cycle.
Action shot of the dribble


The crack in the pipe leading to the drain from the dishwasher

It does look like quite the crack in the pipe though. I guess we are lucky he found it before it broke the whole way.

Guess what he’s going to be doing on his days off?

The cats were fascinated by the show.


Oh please, what am I saying? They would be fascinated by nothing in a cupboard as long as the door is open. Why can’t animals resist going into normally ‘forbidden’ areas?

We then get a bit of a mini-scare when Tom exiting the bathroom asks me to check if the hot water tank is leaking saying he wasn’t trying to be a Sean but that he had to keep turning up the hot water as he finished his shower. Did I mention this is the NEW tank we’re talking about here?

I ran in to check and phew, no leaks. I felt the hot water pipe and it was just kind of luke-warm. We then spent a while trying to find the receipt for the hot water tank just in case I had to call the company that replaced it to get over here. Tom had to leave to go to work so I kept looking myself and found it. We decided to wait a while to see if the tank filled up again and thank goodness it did. Chaining my OCD tendencies not to keep checking was hard but I was good and left it a few hours before I ran the water.

Not sure what used up all of the hot water, the Boy must have taken an extra long/hot shower or something. Eeep don’t want to know…

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