Bring your Brat to work day

Sean accompanied both Tom and I to our different workplaces today as part of ‘Bring you child to work day’ which is the official name.

Sean had a chance to watch the process behind the scenes for morning ‘cut-ins’ to the national broadcasted morning show at Tom’s work. He got to meet the crew and the Anchor and look at all the different equipment and work the cameras that are on the buildings pointed at the road for those ‘in between’ shots of people walking, cars driving. He enjoyed it.


At mine he got a tour, listened to me drone on explaining a project I’m working on (and my cry of “FREAKIN’ A!!!”) when my testing from yesterday all went through the overnight as expected. He gave me that blank look that said “WTF??” but hey I was excited. He also faced the reality of ‘grunt’ work like proof-reading and he helped out one of the Managers to order his busting at the seams Rolodex in alpha order by company, then by employee.


Yes Son, it’s not all glamour.

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