I’ve had alls that I can stands and I can’t stands no more

To begin, I would be remiss not to mention plumber Tom has fixed the gushing dribbling dishwasher drain hose, and according to him WITHOUT the need to make a drip to Home Despot. Way to go honey!

He was also telling me about his trip home on the train today which involved an post-post-adolescent punk (a weirdo guy somewhere in his 30’s) trying to OPEN the door of the train while it’s moving. Nice. He had to play stern Tom saying to the guy basically “what the hell do you think you’re doing?” and yanno, “stop that!” A few other guys on the train stood up to show commuter solidarity against the nutcase.

He was telling me that the guy mumbled to himself after he finally pulled his hand out of the opening he had managed to force the doors to and he later realized the man sounded a lot like Popeye. He said fortunately that factoid didn’t hit him until after he left the train because laughing at a nutcase doesn’t usually result in happy endings.

It made me think of one of my own weirdo experiences many moons back with a drunk older guy who I had nicely offered my seat to when I saw him kind of staggering onto the train (better to contain drunks I say than let them roll around unrestrained in a moving vehicle lest one get barfed on or something) and he just went OFF on me mumbling shit I couldn’t understand and then saying he hates all people like me and called me a “Fucking Iraqi” (his words not mine) Now, I’m just about as close to the cartoon of Snow White as a real human can get so not sure what he’d been drinking..

Anyway the guy proceeded to manhandle me, pulling on my jacket and shoving me while screaming all kinds of racial slurs and everyone in the train kept their eyes sharply averted. This went on until the next stop when a really tall burly guy got on, saw what was happening and told the guy to back off. When the doors opened he said “Tap your heels together Dorothy, you’re going home” and basically pushed him off the train onto the platform and the doors shut behind him.

I thanked my hero and he asked if I was ok, then of course all the cowards on the train who didn’t want to ‘get involved’ during the incident expressed their concern and one person told me they had pushed the security strip to summon help, of course nobody actually got on the train to check things out by the time I got off a few stops later.
Most of the time the rides are incident free, but it’s moments like these that I miss being a single occupancy vehicle polluter.

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4 Responses to I’ve had alls that I can stands and I can’t stands no more

  1. Tom says:

    Some days it just seems as if the lithium delivery van gets a flat on its way to the institutions, eh?

    When, oh when will Translink finally put in turnstiles at the Skytrain station?!?! I’d be willing to bet BOTH our “friends” didn’t have a ticket…

  2. americanuck says:

    Uh huh! Well it’s been 20 years give or take without em, I don’t imagine it’s in the stars!

  3. Karen aka nevragn says:

    It was great seeing you agian in chat! I’ll stop by often.

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