Was it just me?

Today was just weird. You ever have those days when everything just seems that little bit off? I mean nothing mindblowingly awful just things kept causing me to pause and shake my head vigorously.

It started out normal. I reluctantly got out of bed after laying in my normal 5 – 8 minute state of denial that it’s morning, showered, make-up on, blow dried my hair, patted the clingy cat, went out the door and locked up.

I got about one step away and my little OCD alarm went off and I had to unlock the door and check to see that I’d unplugged the iron. Check. Iron unplugged.

I left with still a nagging feeling, something I couldn’t put my finger on, that is until I got to the train. I hadn’t done my burner check last night before I went to bed.

Ok an aside, my logical mind knew that if the thing had been on all night I would have noticed. The irrational part of my mind went “Oh sure Belinda, you think that is the case but maybe, just maybe, it’s too low to notice”. Maybe I’m being paranoid?

So when Tom woke up and emailed me at work I asked him to check. The dear, he checked. Am I being dumb? Absolutely. Does he make me feel dumb, not in the least. The love.

That wasn’t the ‘off’ stuff though.

It’s been raining so much here in the last few days I’m thinking it’s time to build an ark and find the boys some girlfriends. There is some serious puddleage enough in some places where I think the puddles are plotting to swallow my car.

I was turning off our cross street onto the main drag heading towards the train and noticed rather at the last minute that the right turn lane was now a small lake. Not good. I tried to drive through it as slowly as possible and spent the remainder of the drive in slalom mode avoiding both puddles and other drivers coming into my lane avoiding their hungry puddles. The rain had eased off a bit so it was more or less just regular rain not the crazy downpours of the previous evening/night.

I got to skytrain, parked my car and the minute I walked outside the wind picked up and it started pouring again. The rain came in sideways and soaked me. So much for blow-drying my hair straight eh?

At first I’m standing, no seats are available, so I lean against the wall and start reading. After a few stops a seat opens up and I grab it. That’s when I noticed people were kind of stealing glances at me and looking away. I’m thinking “okay…what is that all about” I’m checking to see if, I dunno my bra is showing, something is stuck to me.. then I caught my reflection in the window. The ride side of my hair had changed direction laying both simultaneously flat and kind of upwards. I tried to play it cool by sloooowly patting it down. Who was I fooling, they noticed, there was no cool. One older fellow smiled and nodded once my hair was once more pointing south. Gawd.

I get to work and try to do the 100 yard dash from the station building to my building without getting wet but no dice. I’m trying to cross the road while I’ve got the walk sign and three assholes turn left in my path because they don’t have cars coming the other direction. I’m yelling “What the FUCK!” by the time the last guys is turning. He kind of shrugs and waves at me. I should have kicked their cars. Straight hair was now official curly. Ech.

I get in the elevator push my floor and the door closes but elevator stays put. Door opens again and the person getting in is surprised to see me. They push their floor, I push mine and after a funny look in my direction the elevator moves. I don’t bother to explain.

All day I walk around with a vague feeling that something is off.

I head home on the train, get to my car and start driving out of the lot. I need to merge with the traffic heading up the hill so I went to glance in my right side mirror and all I can see is my car. WTF? It’s like someone had pushed my mirror housing in. It was too late to do anything about it I was committed so I adjusted the mirror with the auto settings as far as I could and kept driving.

When I got to our place I called Sean to come out so I could drive him to his Father’s and while I was waiting I checked and sure enough someone had folded in my mirror. First of all I didn’t know they could do that. It was too dark to see if any damage was done to my car but it doesn’t appear so. Better not be I tell ya, Freddy’s my baby.

So on the way back I stop at the grocery store, talk to the guy beside me who was admiring my car and comparing it to his Toyota (he was thinking of buying his Son a Mazda 3 and had never seen one side by side with his car). I think I all but had him convinced to keep the M3 and give his Son the Toyota. All I can say is, dayum, lucky Son!

I drive up to our underground, press the remote and nothing happens. The people standing in the visitors lot glance over and kept talking. So I turn around and try the other gate. I’m thinking to myself surely it CAN’T be the remote I just changed the battery! Nope. Wrong. Bzzzzz. The other damn gate won’t open.

I park on the street and carry my groceries down the ramp towards the garage and ask the guy standing there if he knows if there is a problem with the gate. “Nope. Nothing wrong with the gate!” he says “Maybe it’s your battery”. “No it can’t be I just changed it” I said. The lady with him to prove his point presses her remote and up the gate goes. DAMN! “Maybe it’s your battery” she says helpfully.

I smile and walk away muttering to myself. Come upstairs and drop the groceries. No damn way I’m leaving my car on the street overnight.

I pull the back off, remove the batteries, blow on the contact and replace them in a different order. I stalked downstairs and pressed the button. The gate went up no problem. The cosmos are messing with me alright. I walked out of the gate pointed at it and said “Okay gate, I’m going to get my car now, you had better work when I get back because I’m SERIOUSLY not in the mood for you to jack me around.” The gate worked. Not sure if I scared it silly or it’s just pissed at my ‘tude and going to try and trap me in the garage when I need to leave for work tomorrow morning.

Yeah, maybe I’m just being paranoid.

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11 Responses to Was it just me?

  1. Tom says:

    | CALL ME |
    | DAY OR |

  2. Tom says:

    Damn, it didn’t work……..

  3. Tom says:

    | CALL ME |
    | DAY OR | that’s your free ticket,
    | NIGHT | use it as many times
    |___________| as you wish!

  4. Tom says:

    ARRRRGHHH!!! I give up

  5. Tom says:

    | CALL ME |
    | DAY OR | that’s your free ticket,
    | NIGHT | use it as many times
    |___________| as you wish!

  6. Tom says:

    Still didn’t work….hopefully you get the idea!


  7. americanuck says:


  8. Tom says:

    Ah, so we’ve met!

  9. americanuck says:

    Once or twice *grin*

  10. Sue says:

    Hey, You drive a Mazda 3 too? I just bought one in August. I love it!

  11. americanuck says:

    I do and I love mine too! I got in 2 years ago and it’s been a dream to drive. His name is Freddy (yeah I name my cars I’m lame) ;)

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