Heavy metal

All went well today at the Orthodontists. Turns out today was only the brackets that are glued to the teeth, the wires and bands go on next week. Oh yeah and more spacers put in between his teeth to make room for the fasteners. Fun!

He’s been quite the trouper through all this. Who’da thunk it after all those years of near panic attack freak outs about just going to get his teeth cleaned. Ah our Boy is growing up.

In order to accommodate the time of the appointment I worked from home (thank god for VPNs) and I had a little excitement today, the building fire alarm went off and though a false alarm due to some kind of faulty sensor, I was stuck outside in the cold for about 45 minutes. They couldn’t find anyone who was on council who had a key to unlock the thing that allows them to shut the alarm off DOH!

The cats of course were completely AWOL and clingy and freaky once they realized the big bad noise was gone.

The upside was the cute firemen “wooohoo firemen!!”

fire trucks

Yeah ok, it’s just a picture of the trucks. If I took pictures of the firemen they would think I’m weird. I mean I’m sure they already thought I was weird for taking pictures of the truck, or for that matter having a camera with me in the first place (at least the driver who was the only one left behind.)

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