Longgggg weekend lineup

Two words.

Never. Again.

To what am I referring? That would be making a day trip to the US on the first day of a long weekend. It would seem that many of our fellow Canadian residents (along with a few US folks heading home) decided to do that same thing, or at least GO to the States, not so much the day trip part. Total Gong Show.

We woke up early and tried our best to get out the door early enough. It would seem however that everyone else had that same idea too and truly, unless we had left at something like 5 am there is no way we could have avoided that line-up.

I believe it took us something like 2.5 – 3 hours to get across the border. I kid you not.

Now most of these folks were probably spending the weekend down there but not us, oh no! We were going shopping. Rebels with a cause!

We never really though of abandoning ship because we needed to get some of the US family Xmas shopping done and really, this may have been our last chance. Besides the Mecca of Ross was spurring me on. One lady after sitting in line for almost 2 hours turned around and went home. Gawd, by that time I would say you’re committed. Stick with it!

Many people’s bladders gave out and we saw car doors opening and people walking to the duty free store or the truckers weigh station to use the toilet. We were smart enough not to drink a lot before we headed out and managed to hold it in.

There were some assclowns that tried to weasel into the main line-ups after zipping through what is supposed to be the ‘Nexus’ lane (special cross-border pass holders) to avoid some of the line up and of course when that happened it started getting ugly. One guy was screaming at this one car and we were waiting for a fist fight to break out. Nothing like long lineups and line jumpers to escalate tempers. I was happy to see enough people NOT letting them in line. I hate people who pull that stuff. If there is two lanes of longgg lines and one empty one the empty one is there for a reason. Don’t even try to pretend you didn’t get it.

We finally made it across and headed straight to breakfast. We were dying for coffee and sustenance before facing the crowds in the stores. And crowds there were.


Ross was a complete and total washout. I’ve never had a trip where I haven’t come back with at least a few things. The four items I did pick up were simply not enough to face the long line at the checkout so I just left them behind. Ross you failed me!

We moved on to pick up some pressies for some of Tom’s family and wandered around the mall some to look around. The mall was really busy for a change. I guess all those Canadians in line were heading to the mall too.


We did Anthony’s for dinner and it didn’t disappoint. Really if nothing else dinner here made it worth the long wait. That and the day out with two of my men. Always a pleasure.




When we reached the border coming back across into Canada all we had to bring back was some grocery items, a couple of Christmas ornaments and a book. You could almost read the border guards mind when we told them what we were bringing back and how long we had been down in the States…. “Seriously, you sat in that long-ass line and that’s ALL you’re bringing back?” Yeah we’re lame.

Tom’s back at work today but we’ve the next couple of days off together so yay! More quality time together!

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