Yet here we go again, more crappy weather on the wet coast

The lake forming outside our door
The lake forming outside our front entry way

Bad weather seems to encourage idiots to drive even worse I swear. It’s been crazy wet lately and there was another extreme weather warning this morning so I decided to be a nice Mommy and drive the kids to school/work. Normally I’m hell and gone by that time in the morning, but as I’m off work this week I couldn’t really lay all comfy in bed without a smidge of guilt knowing they would be drenched and/or blown away by the wind. Yeah I rock.

Just before we are set to leave Sean brings in his backpack with a stuck zipper once again. They have these flaps that cover the zipper which are I’m sure there to help stop any leaks through the zipper on days like this, but really all it’s been good for is getting goddam stuck in the teeth of the zipper leaving the backpack partially open, hence negating the usefulness of said flap. After spending five minutes trying to pry the cloth out of the zipper I took scissors to it and cut the friggin thing off. Fixed! I told Sean if it leaks it’s HIS problem because if he just held the flap aside when zipping instead of zipping in haste this wouldn’t have happened. Of course I’m talking to deaf ears.

So we head off and I end up in a longggg line of parents dropping their kids off. Sweet! We snake our way through, drop off Sean with a reminder to hand in the note to his teacher about tomorrows braces appt and to PLEASE ensure he talks to the teachers of the classes he missed last week to make sure he’s all caught up on anything he may have missed and rejoin the line-up. This time of course to try and get out of the friggin parking lot.

I drop Chris off at the A&W because he still has about a half hour to kill before his shift (and I wasn’t making two trips dammit!) and turn around to come home. By this time it’s pouring and the wind is howling. As I’m passing the school going the other way a Kamakazi parent comes FLYING out of the parking lot to make a left turn right into the lane I’m in as they see the traffic coming at them from the left is momentarily clear but not necessarily noticing that I’m yanno, IN the lane going the direction they want to go in and cut me off. They notice at the last minute that I’m coming at them and slam their brakes on and put themselves into a nice semi-spin/skid. All I can say is thank goodness for periferal vision and survival instincts. I coulda T-boned that car easy and that spin could have taken me out had I not had a chance to slow down and move over. The woman obviously shaken straightens out and keeps on driving not looking over at me at all even though I’m REALLY trying to make eye contact. Stupid cow.

On another note I heard as I got up this am that there was an earthquake that spurred a Tsunami warning that was even for our coast. Crazy. Glad that turned out to be a non-issue, especially for those closer to the actual earthquake. Bad enough to deal with an earthquake.

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