Well, I’ve always said bells ring for me when I’m in bed with Tom but last night literally woke up the entire building.

Ok, I’m really talking about the fire alarm. Yes AGAIN!!

The last time it was 45 minutes in the daytime. Last night it was oh, around 1:00 am when we were jolted out of slumber.

Don’t get me wrong, like I told the kids a good fire alarm is a false alarm but that’s two shy of a week and I’m not liking this pattern.

It had mercifully stopped raining during the time we were relegated outside and while nothing else to do but stand around I people watched. The gossip was outside telling all and sundry that her husband had called council and complained yet again about the beeping board in our entry way indicating ‘trouble’ somewhere in our fire detection/prevention system. The creepy “children of the corn” were actually quiet for a change being sleepy and all. Normally they are screaming at their mother and generally causing a ruckus in our hallways. There were babies bundled up from the cold and dogs getting into rumbles in the courtyard while their owners tried to keep them quiet and separate. Poor Tom had to get up early for his shift as well, in fact I’m the only one that had the luxury of being able to sleep in some this morning other than having to ensure the Boys were up to head to school/work on time.

In other news, Sean’s appointment is today at 11:25 to attach the rest of what one gets for braces. To be honest I’m not sure what it all involves because when I think braces I still think to the old school kind my friends had. You know the kind that looked like that CN railway would use to haul grain from one end of the country to another. The plus side is the time wearing the braces has been shortened due to all of the ‘pre-treatment’ we’ve done with the expander and all. The biggest worry for me will come when it’s time for his jaw surgery but I’m not going to worry about that now because it’s a year away and that’s a long time to obsess about something even for me.

Hopefully Sean will do as he’s told and make a bean for the school entrance at the start of the lunch hour. I will have exactly fifteen minutes to get him to his appointment on time which should be doable assuming I’m not sitting in a parent’s parade once again.

Pictures of lil brace face to come later.

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