Wired for sound

Sean brace face

The miracles that are modern braces. One single wire and a few bands. Geez.

New braces

Of course no less painful. Poor soul says that every single bit of his mouth hurts right now. Oh yeah and the Orthodontist said that his front teeth will be pushed out a bit more to allow the ones beside to come out then they will move back. Sean wasn’t really happy about that because he’s the most self conscious of the front two. Ah well all in the aid of progress.

We’re just all jazzed that we will get to see him with straight teeth in a couple of months. Because of all the changes I will be back taking more regular progress pictures over the next several weeks so we can keep track. He’s such a good sport about it too. I’ve told him that lots of people have searched this blog on the very subject of expanders and braces looking for what the experience will be like and what they may be in for and hopefully it’s helping them and he’s all for it.

Back on the fire detection system homefront..

Fire detection system repairs yet again

It would appear that the repair company is once again gracing us with their presence. I just hope they figure out what is causing this cos frankly I’d rather spend this time of year indoors as much as possible thanks.

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