And not a drop to drink

Despite certain members of our household’s preference for fresh dispensed (ack) toilet water…there will be no more of this for a while..

Ohhhh what a bad night!
Due to the stormy weather we’ve been having; a boil water advisory has been issued for the Greater Vancouver regional district. Apparently the storm stirred up all kinds of crap in the water than the treatment system can deal with so all kinds of microbes and fecal coliform levels are elevated. Ew!

The news has been showing people pouring all kinds of brown and frothy looking water, out here it’s still clear but maybe that’s because it has further to travel out our way. As far as I know we are served by the same set of reservoirs. I’ve been boiling it anyway just in case.

There was a run on water at the stores yesterday but Tom’s going to try to see if he can pick up some bottled water on the way home from his shift this morning before the rush. They said this could last for days especially as we have another storm due to hit us come Sunday. Geez.

The worst of it is because on the ‘unsafe’ water supply NOBODY is serving coffee! This is Vancouver people!! That is unheard of! I’m sure there are all kinds of grumpy people this morning going through coffee withdrawals (hubby included minus the grumpy part because that’s so not him). I feel almost guilty sitting here sipping my coffee made with last nights cold boiled water and our home supply of Timmy Ho’s (Tim Horton’s) coffee. Almost…

So in any case because of all this strubble and trife the water fountain is closed my furry friends.


I can feel the rebellion already.

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