“The bells!! The bells!!

The view OUTSIDE my condo after the fricking firebell went off yet AGAIN

Can you guess where I was? Yep, outside our building again. Why? Not to admire the scenery… but well because the fire alarm went off yet again.

It turned into quite the scene too because they gossip was outside yelling at the dude that has been dealing with the problem that she’s fed up and that there are people with medical problems (oxygen mask guy) that has to walk down from the third floor. Now I can understand that’s difficult because I’ve seen how long it takes the guy to walk from his car to the door in the parkade. He has to stop I dunno how many times on the way. But yelling ain’t gonna do squat here. This guy is on council it’s not his fault.

So it got kind of ugly because then he started yelling back at her that there may be something wrong with a line up in the attic and it sounds like nobody has access? Hmm. They need someone with keys to get in.

Key guy turned the alarm off and gossip lady said “He can’t do that!! The fire Dept has to!!”

So then then gossip said that she was going to go in and call the fire dept and the key dude said “No! They will charge us” and someone spoke up and said they were coming and sure enough we heard sirens. Another lady who knows gossip lady called the fire dept (and gossip lady thanked her openly) and so key guy yelled at gossip lady that now we were going to have to pay yet again for a false alarm. He then ran off saying “Great now I will have to go deal with those guys”.

Another lady who’s on council muttered something as she walked by me and I said “Ah there is always one” She said ohhh there’s more than one… it’s all working people on council and nobody who is ‘retired’ volunteered to be on it so people who are home all day can deal with these problems how everyone complains but isn’t willing to step up”. She said “maybe it may come to having to replace the system or parts of it and of course that would mean people having to put up money and they will complain about that too. Nobody wants to put out extra money but really what are ya gonna do? Listen to alarms going off at all hours?”

Just another quiet Saturday night at home.

Nutmeg has yet to emerge from his hiding place poor guy.

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