Who knew grocery shopping could be so entertaining?

So yesterday Tom and I are at the grocery store walking cozily together through the aisles and choosing the fixings for the weeks dinner..ok who am I fooling, I wanted to steamroll through there as fast as possible, what kind of idiot likes grocery shopping?

In order to speed up the process (and because I decided half way through the store I wanted to make fajitas on Thursday) I sent Tom on a mission to pick up some of the produce necessary. We had already hit the produce aisle by this time picking up some b-a-n-a-n-a-s and green onions but for fajitas I needed a Spanish onion and a green pepper.

I asked him to go get a spanish onion and a green pepper. I clarified by saying ‘Red onion’ and a green pepper.

Now in my mind I’m picturing him walking saying “Green pepper, red onion, green pepper, red onion, red pepper, green onion, red pepper, green onion… hmm wait a minute we already got green onions?! *tick tick tick, does not compute*”

He asks the produce guy to help him out to see if there was some onion shaped onion that was green and he told him no, maybe she meant yellow onion? Ok…. then he then walks over and picks up the red pepper.

We meet up with me a few more aisle down and I look at what was in his hand and burst out laughing. “Noooo!! Green pepper, red onion, you know Spanish onion!”

“What do I know of spanish onions” he says “No, you said red pepper and green onion!”

“Ah but no!” I said between fits of giggles ” I said, green pepper, red onion I swear!!”

He then says “I’m not going back there alone!! You’re coming with me!!” not wanting to do the walk of shame back to where the produce guy would be standing there in his apron all judgemental and surely going to whisper to all his grocery friends (heehee).

Tom still insists I said it wrong, I insist his mind pulled a trick on him like Bugs Bunny on Daffy Duck (Duck Season!! Rabbit Season!! Duck Season, Rabbit Season! Rabbit Season!! I say DUCK SEASON and I say FIRE (BLAM!! *twist beak back into position*) of course no actual firearms were involved.

After we finished going through the remaining aisles we walked back to the produce aisle where we put the yellow onion back and I picked up the red onion and the green pepper.. the red pepper came home with us. I say it’s probably because the produce guy was too close to where the peppers were, Tom says it’s cos it would be a good addition to his salad.


Of course I’ve filed this away in my tease jar for all eternity. It’s already pretty full but I’m gonna make room.

I’m disssthhhpicable ;)

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5 Responses to Who knew grocery shopping could be so entertaining?

  1. Tom says:

    Oh come on…everyone knows it’s actually a tease BARREL! And I saw you looking online for something bigger, don’t deny it!

  2. americanuck says:

    I found a great warehouse. You can rent space by the foot. After we’re married a few more years I may need to expand.

  3. Tom says:

    Fine…we’ll put in a bid for Montana.

  4. americanuck says:

    Is that the biggest US State? Remember you give me lots of ammo…

  5. Tom says:

    Nope, Alaska is the biggest…Montana just sounds funnier (it’s like saying “This guy” instead of “A man walks into a bar…”)

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