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This is the story today, ICE. Lots of it.

School was closed in our district, Sean as SO disappointed! *cough*

Actually, all the boys had a snow day today both Tom and Chris had the day off as well.

Tom was kind enough to drive me to the train this morning (and pick me up, yanno he didn’t abandon me or anything) which spared me a repeat of the white knuckle drive from last night at 10:30pm.

I told him today we are SO moving somewhere in the States where they don’t get snow. Or at the very least not snow of any substance. Somewhere where when they get like a half inch of snow the entire town shuts down.

Yeah, that’s my kind of town.

PS: Even better if it has In-n-Out Burger.  Yeah ok so that narrows the choices down some!

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One Response to icicles

  1. Tom says:

    Kingman, Arizona…here we come!

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