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Yeah Snow is pretty to look at but not so nice to drive in. We got a break from the clouds yesterday and the sun was nice to see but it came with a price REALLY cold temps. It was something like -10 celcius and with the windchill up to -18 celcius.


The news was saying it’s the coldest it’s been in 20 years. I dunno, maybe I’m getting more wussy but I don’t remeber it ever being this cold and I was certainly around 20 years ago.

I’ve been commuting with Tom to work at the ungodly hour of 5 am which gets me to work a good oh 1.5 hours prior to my normal starting time of 7:30 but it’s all good, we’re supposed to get another blast of old man winter tonight with another half a foot of snow and freezing rain.

The commute is supposed to be hellacious tomorrow which means I’m taking my laptop home with me tonight that’s for darn sure. I’m lucky I have the option to work from home when it’s necessary.

Brrrr wish us luck!

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