Gimme six inches and make me wet

Ok that title will probably get me a few more of the pervert searches again but whatever the title fits.

More snow!

We woke up to another snowfall last night. Yep, you guessed it, six inches worth give or take. The good part was the -10 degree Celsius weather was no more. In fact it warmed up to a balmy 2 degrees today. Wow.

With this warming trend and no new snow in the immediate forcast anyway, meant the start of the big thaw. With all that snow melting at the same time, we’re going to be in for some more flooded roads and overwhelmed storm drains but gosh it will be nice to see the back of this stuff.

Finally slush!
The wet in my post title? Not the slush or the clogged storm drains. Nope.

Just after the boys and I finished dinner I heard what sounded like quite a lot of water splashing right outside our window. I thought to myself, wow sounds like a lot of rain and looked out. To my dismay I saw that water was GUSHING out of light fixtures and around the sprinkler head of the overhang directly over the front door. I mean GUSHING. I spent a few seconds trying to figure out if it was maybe just melting snow trying to find a way down and then thought hmmm maybe too much water? Just as I was about to go find the number for our property manager the fire bell goes off.

We gathered with the rest of the folks in our lobby watching a waterfall, me nervously watching the water level rising near our suite. I kept watching the celing to see if it was running inside anywhere but it seemed to all be outside just a few dribbles by the front door. The Strata council people came rushing along and did… SOMETHING to stop the water from running I have no idea what and silenced the alarm.

The group in there starting getting angry again, upset about yet another fire-bell and of course the water. They were also complaining that the contractor who cleared the snow from the pathways came only today after so many days of snow and only cleared two of the three buildings, ours not being one of them. They left a nice big blockage on the path instead, like a wall of snow. You have to make the picture big to really see it though.

Pathway to the blockage

After all this I walked out the front door and stood in the big puddle looking at the water level outside our suite and getting dripped on. I was relieved to see that the water receded pretty quickly despite the overly wet ground.

I guess we will find out what caused this, if it still has to do with the sprinkler system or some other type of pipe or something. Gah!! The fun of communal home ownership.

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