For someone without a Hoo-hoo he does well.

Scene: Tom walks into the Safeway store with his Mother-in-law’s grocery shopping list in hand (in store aisle order of course).

After walking through a few aisles he gets to the pharmacy items listed on the shopping list and begins to look for an item called “Canesten”. His Mother-in-law didn’t elaborate on what “Canesten” was, but he figured it sounded like something ‘medicinal’.

Tom looks puzzled and decides to go to the counter to ask for some assistance.

Pharmacist: “Can I help you Sir”

Tom: “Yes, do you have something called ‘Canesten’?

Pharmacist: “We sure do” one of them comes out from behind the counter to take Tom over to the appropriate aisle and points at foot creme.

Tom looks at the products and notices there is also a ‘Canesten’ in the feminine hygiene area of the same aisle. The pharmacist sees him looking at it and speaks

Pharmacist looking at him funny: “That’s not for you sir…is it for your feet?”

Tom: “It’s not for me, I’m going to have to phone this one in…” Tom thanks the pharmacist and brings out his cell phone to call his Mother-in-Law..

Tom: “Uhh, this Canesten, is it for your feet or for uhhh other”

Mother-in-Law: “Other!!!”

Tom: “Ok then!” Tom hangs up phone and looks at the many forms of Canesten on the shelf and picks one hoping it’s the right one. As he walks by the pharmacy he holds up the product, shows them it WASN’T the foot creme and gives them a thumbs up.

Mother-in-Law gets her groceries and doesn’t mention the creme, they shall never speak of this again.

Uhh Honey, you don't have a Vagina
*As I don’t have a picture of Tom posing with Canesten, Vagisil will have to do..don’t ask me why I have a picture of him with Vagisil….

Needless to say when Tom told me this story I was in stitches. Hope I got it right.

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3 Responses to For someone without a Hoo-hoo he does well.

  1. Tom says:

    Yep, that’s pretty much how it happened…you even got the “That’s not for you, sir!” part down perfectly!

  2. Karen aka nevragn says:

    My ex NEVER would have bought that for me. He was the type that wouldn’t buy pads or hold my purse.

  3. americanuck says:

    Yeah eh? Tom’s a sport! My poor Mom was more embarrassed by the whole thing haha. Of course if she knew it was mentioned on the internet I would be disowned.

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