Oh you have to CLEAN the pot!?

It was a no-kids weekend once again so I decided to tag along with Tom to work at the ‘office’..
Which is nice because it means we get a chance to have a meal out even if it’s just the Denny’s down the street…




Oh yeah and a late night Timmy Ho’s which is necessary after sitting there for a while! Yeah it can be boring sitting around there, but it’s boring sitting around at home too! This way we get to hang out together more so that’s draw enough for me.

Tom was showing off his latest oh so cool automated graphics thingamabob he invented that he’s proud of.


After the shift we basically came home and crashed. We’d had our drinkie night Friday so the siren song of PILLOW was pretty strong.

I cooked us up a breakfast Sunday morning and attempted to make coffee. I say attempted because although I’ve made it oh shall we say HUNDREDS of times before… I brewed an entire pot without noticing I hadn’t emptied the dregs of the previous day’s coffee ew! A big brown puddle started forming on the counter and both of us freaked because it’s a new damn machine!

I blame it on lack of sleep AND the fact the pot is a stainless thermal so you can’t see inside. Not the fact that I shouldn’t have been a lazy ass and dumped and cleaned the pot on Saturday! No!

Waste of a damn batch of Timmy’s!!!

I did a major clean up of the Condo including the fridge which I think is the source of the mystery smell we’ve had lately. I have a really strong sense of smell and it’s been driving me insane. When we fry anything I’m gagging for a week on that oil smell that lingers. Blech! I didn’t find any smoking guns but there were a few dribbles of mystery substance that could have been the cause. I swear that mystery smell is following me now and has invaded my car, or my nostrils. Or Both!

Oh yeah and today, I finally got my tank top from One Horse Shy.

I love this logo!

“Whippet Good!”

I LOVED the logo when I saw it so I had to buy it. Hard to take a picture of it on without it looking like a bad boobie shot but whatever…

I’m sure I may need to explain it to some people but HOPEFULLY most people have heard of Devo even by watching one of those VH1 specials.

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2 Responses to Oh you have to CLEAN the pot!?

  1. Karen aka nevragn says:

    I want one of those.

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