The weather the Greater Vancouver area has seen this fall has spanned the range from mild and warm to piles of snow. Today, Mother Nature decided she had a case of the ‘winds’.

Complete and total chaos on the streets; tree down on streets, houses and power-lines, skytrain not operating to my neck of the woods. Hours worth of commute time, lashing rain, snow and hail! Oh my!

Me on the other hand, I used my noggin and stayed home to work, of course, I started at 5:30 am. I mean hey, I was up already as I was about to get ready to go to work, so why not?

The news is saying there is over a quarter of a million people without power. Seattle got walloped too, they have over a million without power and a few people died in the tree through house scenario. From what I’ve heard a bunch of people heard the trees up here and skedaddled out of their beds with some kind of intuition and moments later crash, incoming tree.

With one lady the tree branch looked like a sword piercing her ceiling and stabbing into her bed. Crazy! Makes me glad there are no huge trees around us here, not like my own backyard growing up. We had some seriously big old evergreens in our back yard, one mere feet from my bedroom. I used to give it the hairy eyeball anytime we had a windy night.

I am now officially off call and on vacation. My cohort at the office just came back from her vacation and took her on call duties back and I passed the baton on a few items that need looking after. I’ve promised myself no surreptitious work email reading this time. I’m going to take an actual vacation. No peeking. No Belinda! Step away from the computer! Bad Belinda!

I’m also happy to report that we’ve pretty much got all our Christmas shopping done (apart from Chris who seems to have inherited the ‘Leave to the last minute gene’ from one who shall remain nameless). And most are even wrapped and under the tree, except the ones for my Mom and Chris’ to us (see above reason) I’ve been trying to resist the peek at the packages (wrapped of course!) and shake compulsion and so far have been able to resist. It’s going to be a long week + though so no guarantees.


It’s date night for Tom and I. We are going to head over to the nearby restaurant (within staggering distance) for dinners and a drink to toast all our good work. I’m hoping they will have that mmmm gingerbread cake they had last year around this time for a take home dessert but you never know.

Time enough to get on my diet!

I close with a picture of Tom and his ‘daughter’ from last night. The gal that has him wrapped around her little brown paws..

She's not heavy, she's my kitty

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