Stick me with a fork, I’m done

Yes. I can finally unequivocally say I am FINISHED my Christmas shopping. Now I can’t wait for everyone to see what I got them. I love to watch their faces when they open their gifts (though usually through a camera viewfinder/LCD screen). That’s my favourite part. I’m torn though, because I’m on vacation this coming week I don’t want to week to fly by too quickly!

Someone said to me the other day that they can’t stand how commercial Christmas has become. How people sit with their hands out expecting to be bought the latest and greatest thing. How people go into stress mode over the money they spend and lordy, not wanting to be seen as not “keeping up with the Jones'”. They said to me that Christmas should be about family.

I was a single mom for a number of years and sure I sacrificed a lot of stuff to make things like Christmas special for the boys, I saved for it and I went all out, as much as my budget would allow anyway. They didn’t grow up spoiled and they want to make Christmas special for their own Kids some day.

My opinion? Every day should be about family. Christmas is about family AND shiny things. Yes, I buy a lot. Yes I spoil people and YES I VERY MUCH enjoy doing that. I don’t care if Christmas is ‘commercialized’ that’s one of the things I like about it. I LIKE giving gifts, so sue me. I also don’t believe they have to be all that expensive though I’m not against that ;)  I just think you need to really know the person you’re buying for and the perfect things will all but jump in your hands. If you can afford it, great, spend away. If not, choose wisely and you’ll do just fine.

As a kid Christmas was my parents fighting over money. I hated money and I hated Christmas. Having kids made it fun again, meeting Tom (the Christmas Elf) made it even more wonderful.

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