Weekend wrap up

Chris' new car (covered in frost)

Chris with his new car. No, the paint isn’t damaged, it’s covered in frost (I took it in the evening). The car is over at his Father’s place until he gets his full license. He’s on ‘L’ plates for now but it’s a step in the right direction. Weird to think he has a car now! I didn’t have my own car until I was 23.

Speaking of cars, or at least driving… I got my notice to renew my driver’s license as it’s expiring in 2007. I’ve been living with one of the worst pictures in the history of mankind for the last five years and I was looking forward to it as a chance for a ‘do-over’. Plans didn’t quite fall into place to get my hair cut so expectations aren’t exactly high. Oh well, what’s another five years?

I had a nice weekend. Tom and I went out for dinner on Friday followed up by a couch-fest watching ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ accompanied by Crantini’s and bourbon respectively.

popcycle stained mouths

Popsicle stains

One and two and KICK

Tom and his jazz hands during the song “With a Wink and a smile” during the movie

Saturday I got to spend the afternoon/evening downtown with a dear friend I don’t get to see that often. After dinner we walked up to Tom’s station and he gave her the two cent tour.

Today I finished up my shopping and spend the rest of the day being totally LAZY.

Good times!

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