Morning has broken

The sun is almost shining, I just got out of bed and I’m mere seconds away from a half pot of Tim Horton’s coffee as I hear the pot a’gurglin as we speak. Can we say bliss? I’m officially at the halfway point of my vacation time, but still far enough away from work to still feel somewhat Zen-like. Ahhhhh..

A few minutes later………………

So, I go to get my coffee and decided to use that new ‘raise money for breast cancer’ cute pink enamel travel mug, forgetting that the lid on it is dodgy at best with just water inside of it. I go to take a sip and…


Freaking hell!!! Hot hot hot!!

Cursing I go back into the kitchen looking for my stainless travel mug. RIGHT! It’s in the dishwasher. I open it, reach in to grab the mug and recall that the lid is in the cutlery trap to keep it from bouncing around inside the dishwasher.

I pull up the trap door a few inches to grab the lid and failed to notice the small serrated knife sitting along side it..


P.S. yeah I know, my cuticles are dry and there is no manicure in sight. Deal with it. I’m not girlie in THAT way. I’ve never given two shits about my nails and I’ve been surrounded all my life by friends that get regular manicures, go figure. I’ve dealt with the nail shame. Move on.

That slice is small but it HURT!

So much for Zen.

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3 Responses to Morning has broken

  1. Karen says:

    Your cuticles don’t look NEAR as bad as mine. I’ve never had a manicure either. Or a pedicure.

    Now a massage, that I can handle.

  2. americanuck says:

    Yanno, I’ve never liked massages. The two I’ve had made me feel worse AFTER the massage than before it!

  3. Tom says:

    That’s what you get by going to the Buster Bluth Massage Clinic…

    (“heyyy customer!”)

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