Christmas Eve, Eve

Well, Tom can be added to the “I’m done” list as of the other day, Chris? Not so much. He’s out doing his last minute shopping like a whole bunch of other people today. Ick.

We’re busy tidying up the place for our celebrations tomorrow night (we do it the Scandinavian way as tradition holds) with my Mom. We do the dinner and we will all open gifts from the Boys to my Mom/Us and vice-versa.

The Boys will then go spend the night at their Father’s house tomorrow (as it’s his turn) and I will be accompanying Tom to the station tomorrow night after dinner as he’s scheduled to work the last broadcast on Christmas Eve. After that we will head home, crack open some wine and open our gifts to each other as it will be officially Christmas morning, although pretty early in it.

Tom and I usually eat the turkey leftovers on Christmas day, the Boys get another dinner at one of their Grandparents on their Father’s side, open more gifts and then get dropped off later that evening.

Speaking of turkey, as usual our crazy fridge hasn’t let the damn turkey defrost one iota, so I’m doing the dunk method of defrosting. Whatever. As long as the thing is fully defrosted for tomorrow it’s all good. We really need to think about replacing the fridge. I mean it’s cranked up to maximum to keep the tenuous cold/frozen balance going and it’s got to be costing us a fortune in electricity. Ah well, something to consider in the new year.

Damn turkey still not defrosted so doing the sink method

I sent Tom to work today with some cookies I baked for the weekend crew. Later I’m going to put together this cookie dessert thing my Mom used to make when I was a kid. I really loved it, it’s kind of like a sliced stripey icecream sandwich thing, except it’s made with whipped cream. Hopefully it will turn out, I mean I’m not exactly Martha Stewart but I mean well!

Anyway, back to the grind.

Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

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