Wrapping up Christmas

Well, Christmas was a resounding success.

Turkey was ‘et, presents were opened and wine was consumed and phew it’s over for another year. Of course now the tree standing there is driving me nuts but it’s only for a few more days. Hey, at least I’m not as bad as I was in the past where it came down Boxing Day.

Dinner went well. Or at least I didn’t kill anyone so that’s a good thing! I totally forgot that Cinny tries to give new meaning to ‘the warmth of the season’ .. I busted her on the stove after the turkey had gone in the oven for a while. Her butt was hanging over the door vent so she could get all the heat possible BAD CAT!


We were all very spoiled this year and it was a lot of fun.

My Mom got a bunch of smelly stuff, including a perfume set that she had wanted from Estee Lauder (Youth Dew)…

No ‘Orgasm’ this year

She was also loaded up with stocking stuff to open the next day.

Chris got a bunch of games, game stuff, grooming stuff and a bottle of Givenchy smelly stuff he likes.


Sean wanted a camera really badly. Of course we had him on for the last few weeks telling him he’d best hope he gets enough cash to buy himself a camera. He was actually surprised!


We pre-loaded a picture on it for him….which made him laugh.


Here’s a couple of photographs he took with it…



We opened the gifts from the Chris and from my Mom and vice-versa and from us to the Boys and the gifts we received from Tom’s Sisters and Mom. We are soooo going shopping on the great gift cards and Amazon gift certs. We also got a really cool DVD from Sister Linda about New Orleans. Part of the proceeds go to rebuilding efforts which is awesome.

Chris got Tom some really cool tools and stuff and I got TWO different salt/pepper thingies and a spice rack. He was all stressy about buying the perfect thing and he did really well.The Boys were to head over to their Father’s that night and Tom had to work so after the gift opening we drove everyone to their destination and I accompanied Tom to the station.


Afterwards we headed home, opened up some wine and exchanged our gifts to each other. We had a great time taking turns opening things. I got a chain so I can finally wear the lovely pendant that I got from Tom (the old chain wasn’t working) and he got me some beautiful earrings and DVDs (including two of a British show that I love all the way from jolly old England yay we finally got to use our world-wide dvd player) and girlie-stuff galore.


I got Tom a new work briefcase, and a bunch of photo stuff.. leading up to a new camera.


Now he has NOOOOO excuses to not take photos when we are out. I love his eye. Here’s an example of a picture he took playing around with the settings. I love this one! Gorgeous!!

Tom's new camera

What a great Christmas!

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