It was only a wax dingle, how bad can that be?

Looking at my blog stats I discovered that Tom and I have become somewhat ‘infamous’ in the Google image world. I’ve had many interesting and yes, even disturbing search strings hit this blog but a couple of them have really amused me.

If you do a Google image search (don’t use the standard web search, click the link beside web that says ‘images’ and then do the search) for ‘Stockard Channing’ Tom is only a few pages in (pages 4+5+6 as of now) holding the Stockard Channing autographed picture I got for him. The searchers are probably wondering why the heck he’s in there but, whatever. I said to him “Yanno.., maybe Stockard Channing Googles herself and will find you. And hey! Be flattered!”

If you do? Stockard honey? Honestly, he loves you and I’m ok with that.

On another hand my Google image ‘infamy’ is a little more, oh, I don’t know, bizarre?

Try google image searching “George Clooney crotch” and see who you find….

George, if for some reason you ever google image search yourself? You were wax. I’m naughty. What can I say? Everyone else was MARRYING you for God’s sake. At least *I* wasn’t trying to pin your wax self down. Plus, I’m not the one that actually originally searched for your crotch on the Internets someone else did. K? (Although I’m sure your crotch is awesome, just sayin’..)

Happy New Year Interweb!

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8 Responses to It was only a wax dingle, how bad can that be?

  1. Tom says:

    You score twice, Hon…your search comes up with another one of your beau-hunks! LOL

  2. americanuck says:

    Yeah but I’m not grabbing Harrison’s crotch though … hmmmm I need a moment.

  3. Tom says:

    Oh! Found a way to narrow down MY search…try “Stockard Channing autograph” LOL!!!

  4. Tom says:

    LMAOOO @ Moment! Take your time…I know that look

  5. Karen says:

    Ok, in my antihistamine-induced haze I just HAD to go and google that. Too funny.

  6. americanuck says:

    Hee hee! If George only knew.

  7. americanuck says:

    SADLY due to all of the crotch flashing incidents googling george clooney crotch doesn’t bring me up anymore =(

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