Winter blahs

Another wild bout of weather on the wet no make that snow coast. I’m not sure who the ass-clown was who pissed of old Mother Nature, but I got a very frozen bone to pick with him.

The drive to the train this morning was treacherous all around, all kinds of ice underneath slush, underneath fresh snow which made for some slippery conditions. I bailed on the idea of going down the rather steep hill to my train stop and chose the much flatter less adventurous station which was backtracking for me but after weighing the prospect of Freddy becoming a bobsled against a bit of extra commute time I think I made the wise decision.

As it was, the snow was all gone by the time I got home. Poof. Gone. NOW THAT’S VANCOUVER SNOW THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

I’m done with this Vancouver taking Toronto’s weather shit that’s been going on. Toronto? Friggin give us our winter back! I’m tired of seeing you guys golfing and jogging in OUR temperatures. Psh!

Because of the wild winter weather, wear and tear and just plain age, a section of the BC Place stadium roof ripped and the roof had to be deflated. They’ve got a replacement piece coming but that had to be a sight to see when it went down. I remember back when the inflated the thing after construction completed.

BC Place is a stadium which was designed for Expo 86 (construction was finished in 1983) and is the home of the BC Lions CFL football team, lots of trade shows like the car and boat shows and, well kind of a sucky venue for concerts but that’s my opinion. The roof is supported by air so the place is normally sealed up tight as a drum. In fact you come and go through revolving doors that make my ears pop when you leave.

I have some fond memories of that place though. Back in ’83 they had a ceremony called ‘Invitation to the world’ which was held in the stadium. I was in grade 12 in the choir (shut up!! I liked singing!!) and they had invited all the Greater Vancouver choirs from Elementary and Secondary schools to come perform for the Queen, the Prime Minister (Trudeau at the time) and a bunch of other dignitaries and those who got tickets to the ceremony. It was the weirdest feeling walking out in front of the crowd who had tickets and the media spotlight onto that HUGE floor. Even though I was just one of a whole lotta kids, I still felt like every eye was on me (as teenagers do). It was an awesome experience.

Anyway, back to the weather. Unfortch, if you believe in the Farmer’s Almanac (and they’ve been pretty accurate so far) they predicted the weird snow in November and said more in early to mid January and then February will bring yet even more gifts from the snow Gods. I’m rather pissy about the mid January thing cos that falls into my Birthday weekend and Tom and I had PLANS to go down to Washington State dammit! I’m mean, come on. I’m turning 41, throw me a fricken bone here! Give me my Ross fix!! (Not to mention Anthony’s)

A bit of lovely news this week; I got a promotion at work which I am awesomely happy about. Yippee! Also Tom has Sunday off so I can, yanno actually see him. He’s been working a stretch of nights, I’m on days. Yeah we are kind of ships that pass right now!

Wow, while I was writing this we just had a bunch of hail and some really strong gusts of wind. Hope the power holds out! Gah!

Come back summer!

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