Dorks R Us


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Yeah we are.. photo taken this morning (hence the bad hair and no makeup!)

Some running around this weekend. Today was the mad dash to get passport photos and pick up the ‘official’ applications as I don’t trust the print specs of the online ones. I need to get my Boss to sign them (she’s luckily one of those designated professionals that can sign these things) and get Sean’s Father to sign the app as he’s under sixteen and get these couriered out on Tuesday. You’re not allowed to smile in passport pictures anymore so they all look like miserable mug shots. Tom doesn’t need to get a new passport HIS is still good for another five years. Pssh at the Canadian Gov’t for only making them five year documents! His picture is priceless too, he looks like someone stole his puppy.

“Motley Crew”

Ah well. I never take good official photos anyway.

As I was filling them out I saw there were subtle differences in what they ask for online as opposed to the pre-printed apps. Whatever as long as they get done and submitted.

That new US requirement for a passport and the mass panic of those trying to get one now who more than likely don’t NEED one for a trip anytime soon will mean I’m sure a backlog of applications. Still, it’s a pain in the buh-tocks. We can’t plan our trip until we know we will get them in time to fly.

We do have plan B though in case the officials have some sort of ‘ISSUE’ with the stuff that is sent in. I have to do them by mail so I can’t get the officials to look at them before they go for processing. The lineups are just too crazy to do that. It’s like an all day thing if you go in person. So like I said, we have plan B.

Plan B will consist of a tune-up of Tom’s car (who I call Mortimer) and then a road trip down as far as Northern California. It would have a completely different agenda, but still fun because we could go as far as San Fran and San Jose and I LOVE that part of the State. There is Alcatraz and Lombard Street and Fisherman’s wharf and the Winchester House all which I haven’t seen in over 17 years so I’m cool with either option. The good news is we don’t need passports to DRIVE to the States, at least not this year.

Another benefit to plan B is there are all kinds of ROSS stores the whole way down. Being gone for a week means I don’t have those darn UNREALISTIC restrictions on what I bring back AND really, the car is even better cos I can cram a lot more Ross booty into a car than I can suitcases and a plane. I was technically over the limit last time but the dude was nice enough to warn me and slap a ‘heavy’ sticker on Bagzilla my abnormally large suitcase. Tom put some of his stuff in my case though to be totally fair, so it wasn’t ALL my shopping.

Ross is my crack.

I also have a sock monkey and I fed it today… including monkey socks (and pig socks and frog socks…..) I can’t help myself they are like five for ten bucks!

Feeding my Sock monkey!

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