Are you there Mother Nature? It’s me Belinda

Dear Mother Nature,

What did we do to deserve another blast of harsh weather yet again?


I’m sure there are lots of people that dance with joy when they see snow. I don’t care. Make them go to the mountains, not my backyard.


Even our Kids who once celebrated a ‘snow day’ school or not, whine and complain about how difficult it is to walk in and how cold it is. Oh how they have grown *sniff*.

As much as I love some thrill rides, slaloming my way through stuck and or abandoned vehicles to pick up my Son from work? Not fun. I’m a white knuckle holy shit driver in just a trace of snow. I HATE snow.

Now from my calculations after the wind storms that knocked down countless trees, (including Stanley Park!! and tore up BC Place’s roof) power outages, rainstorms of biblical proportions with accompanying floods, frigid temperatures and more fucking snow than I ever want to see again in a short period? You owe us one HELL of a rocking great Spring/Summer and dammit a fabulous LONGGG autumn that goes all the way until the END of this October.

Oh, and I understand  you’re also planning to rob me of my Ross trip this weekend too. How LOW can you go!?

I’m tired writing about the weather but I can’t help it. Make it stop. Make me stop?

We clear? Good.

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One Response to Are you there Mother Nature? It’s me Belinda

  1. Mother Nature says:

    Wait a minute…you mean this ISN’T Toronto???

    Okay, who the hell’s been messing with my GPS thingie?!?! Stupid gizmos…

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