Birthday bug

Well, it wasn’t really the way I expected to celebrate my 41st birthday. I ended up with some kind of nasty stomach virus which led to spending a whole lot more time in the bathroom that I really would like. I won’t bore or gross anyone out with the details but I will say it sure took a lot out of me.

After I got back to bed I found myself absolutely frozen. Ice cold. I got up again put on a sweatshirt and socks and believe me I avoid layers and socks in the house like the plague so it took a lot to get me to that point. I was still frozen solid after that with my teeth chattering so my wonderful Tom got up and got me an extra blanket as well to double up over me. Eventually I passed out again, passed out and-how! I didn’t hear him get up, check the computer or leave to take Sean to school and do my Mother’s grocery shopping.

I eventually woke up, gosh somewhere around noon and Chris and Tom gave me my presents. Cinny was quite intrigued by the big gift bag!

Tall gift bag is intriguing

Me with my gifts

Sick for my birthday, not the ideal way

Yeah I know I look awful. I was feeling sick.

lava lamp

I got a very cool PINK lava lamp as a new twin to my old one. The plan is to eventually get a room in our dream house that I can decorate all Mod and stuff.

Peace man!


I also got season two of Grey’s Anatomy from Tom, (yay!!) a book of my wish list and a cute pink book light.

Chris got me some awesome votive candles and candle holders that it turns out matches a vase I bought a while back just perfectly.

Thanking Chris for my birthday candles and candle holders


Hopefully I’ll be feeling near 100% tomorrow. The plan to go to Bellingham is on hold but we will still head out to dinner. Officially it’s our Anniversary dinner as the Boys are at their Father’s this weekend. We will do my official Birthday dinner next week which is our actual anniversary so they can come celebrate and enjoy that dinner. I know confusing but it works.

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