Saturday Birthaversary

My stomach stabilized and so did the weather so we managed to make it down to Bellingham on Saturday and both of us scored some new duds at Ross so yay! We also hit the mall and picked up our traditional mall pretzel for later that night.

This was one of our rare days off together and a ‘birthaversary’ celebration of sorts.

The wait for the border was something like 15 minutes which compared to our last trip down was a piece of cake.

Our luck with restaurants wasn’t as good this time. The traditional IHOP stop turned into a visit to the Denny’s (which isn’t as good) and Anthony’s our favourite place down there was booked solid until after 8:00 pm. We’ve never had a problem getting in there same day in the past. Well, lesson learned. We will definitely be making reservations in advance now.

We were down towards the water anyway so we stopped to take some photos. The area is really lovely, but brrrrrr it was FREAKING COLD!



We only went for a brief walkabout compared to what we normally do on a slightly less bone-chilling day.


The rest of my photos are Here on Flickr (Tom’s aren’t posted yet)

We ended up going to the OG in Bellingham really because it isn’t exactly a mecca of interesting places. There are a lot of the typical chain restaurants so we figured this was the better of the choices remaining. We noticed though that the ambiance in this place wasn’t quite up to what we are used to with the Langley OG. They at least try to make it seem like they want you to relax and enjoy your visit. The lighting and decor in this Bellingham Olive Garden is quite harsh so it’s more like an eat and get the hell out kind of atmosphere. Eh, we weren’t exactly planning to stay that long anyway.

After a brief stop over in to pick up his prized Marie Callendar frozen chicken meals for work (one of the main things he misses from the States) and some other foodie items that we just can’t get up here, we headed for the border. The wait time wasn’t bad and this time we did get pulled inside to pay the taxes on our booty, we were due for it. Truly not a big deal though as we got such great stuff and for so cheap (I love the US shopping experience) or stuff that we just can’t get up here that it was so worth it.

The rest of our day off together, we relaxed and watched a marathon of Arrested Developments. Good times!


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