And I’ve been waiting such a long time…. for Saturday, Saturday in the park.

The weather took a turn for the nice yesterday (gasp!) so we decided to head over to one of our city parks and do a photo walk. It was a good chance for Tom to take some outdoor pictures with his new camera and experiment with the various settings that this one allows compared to the more ‘point and shoot and damn well like what you get’ feature of his last camera. I’m always up for taking pictures. In fact I should be a member of PASA (point and shoot anonymous) because I’m always sticking my camera in somebody’s face.

The rains the last few days managed to clear the snow off of the roads but the park was another story. It made for some dodgy trails but if you were paying attention it was all good.

We came across some of the tamer wildlife in the park (squirrels and ducks) instead of hungry coyotes and manged to get them to cooperate by posing, at least for a split second. This guy was giving me the hairy eyeball..

Sammy the squirrel giving me the stink eye

After we snapped some pictures we ran into a very talkative lady who gave us a lecture on the hibernating habits of squirrels and bears. We politely smiled and said ‘Mmmhmmm’ a couple of times until she moved on.

When we were snapping pictures in some of the more hidden grotto gardens I heard a flock of ducks land in the stream behind us. We JUST missed the opportunity to capture this which sucks as they looked amazing all landing at once with their wings flapping away. When we walked towards them they came over like lemmings following the more braver souls. I was crouching taking their picture and their approach reminded me of the zombies in dawn of the dead.


Here’s a video that Tom shot:

Once they figured out we weren’t packing anything edible they lost interest and crossed the water to the other bank to hunt for vittles.



It will be nice to go back when the snow is gone and flowers are blooming again. I mean the starkness of winter can be quite beautiful in it’s own way, but I’m all about spring personally.

Above is a lonely winter pansy (photo by Tom)


Sun and snow (photo by Tom)

Us (Photo by Tom) who has the long arms and can take pictures that aren’t just of our heads or part of our heads like me.

A bridge over frozen waters (Photo by Tom)

We had a great time getting to spend the day together for a change and to be able to get out of the house for a change without freezing to death.

To see the rest of our photos click the names below.

Tom’s photo walk set on Flickr

Belinda’s photo walk set on Flickr

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