Birthaversary part II

Along with some well deserved time off together, Tom and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. We did the whole birthday/anniversary switch with the dinners but we kept the days when it came to yanno, the whole card giving thing.

The funniest part was Tom and I picked out the exact same card for each other.


I didn’t get a shot of the inside, but the gist of the card was saying we should ‘kick up our heels’ for our anniversary and inside was a couple who were ‘kicking up their heels’ on footstools trying to decide what to watch on tv. In other words so us. We are so lame but happy, comfy and lame so it works for us.

We did do dinner at the Red Robin. Nice and casual and again totally us. It was nice to have the four of us out together as that happens less and less these days.



We had a no gift rule as both our birthdays and Christmas run into each other and our anniversary is a week after my birthday there is some gift picking fatigue but Tom broke it..


He couldn’t resist the solar powered pig doing the Night at the Roxbury head bob.

Of course come a major anniversary all present buying embargoes go out the window. I’ve already dragged Tom into dozens of jewelry stores and pressed his face up against the glass showing him exactly the ‘past, present and future’ type diamond ring that I’m salivating over.

Yesterday in fact during our trips to Ikea and the Langley mall to once AGAIN get my damn Dolce and Gabanna glasses fixed (the lens popped out at work again) he pointed out some ring styles that were bang on exactly the stuff I like. I’m all about clean lines and not too much frou-frou and I love angles. He got it so right with my engagement ring and of the necklace (below) he gave me for my birthday last year. He done good. I got a new chain for it at Xmas so now I never take it off. Yay diamonds!


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3 Responses to Birthaversary part II

  1. Karen says:

    You got lucky with Tom!

  2. americanuck says:

    Don’t I know it!

  3. Tom says:

    Uh uh…*I’M* the lucky one!!!!

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