One woman’s drawer is another cat’s castle

When I got home tonight, as usual both of the furry kids came out to welcome me home. After a brief skritch I got changed into my comfy clothes, ate dinner with the Boys and then sat down to check my email.

As I was sitting here at the computer I kept hearing Cinny yeowling, a yeowl which anyone who has a real Siamese cat knows is NOT a pleasant sound. After a while it struck me that it sounded somewhat muffled. Cinny has been known to stealth crawl or lightening crash into an open closet door before you know it but I knew I hadn’t opened anything that she could have gotten herself into.

As I walk out into the bedroom I called her name and of course she became as quiet as a mouse. I swear it’s some kind of twisted manipulative game she plays with me, driving me nuts with noise so I come looking to shush her and when I do she clams up and giggles at me.

I checked everywhere obvious and was about to leave the room when I noticed that my pajama drawer in my ‘antique’ (read really old and beat up) bureau was slightly ajar. Ok, who am I foolin’ it’s ALWAYS slightly ajar but whatever, it was more ajar-er than normal. It still seemed like it would be way too hard even for skinny minny to get in there but I figured I had better check.

I pulled the drawer out and what did I find? Dust and a whole bunch of ‘missing’ socks (how the hell did they get in there anyway that ISN’T my sock drawer!) oh yeah, and one missing Siamese cat.

Cinny got behind my Pj drawer

Seriously, I’m still weirded out about the socks being there…oh yeah and don’t judge me on the dust, who the hell dusts the behind drawers and besides I’ve got dust in more visible places to judge me on (heh).

After a while the siren-song of the open space was too strong to resist and Cinny was joined with Nutter. They both looked at me like “WHUT!!?” So of course I had to take a picture.

How cozy!

It would appear to make room for Mr. Big Butt a few socks had to be sacrificed.

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One Response to One woman’s drawer is another cat’s castle

  1. Karen says:

    lol My cat does the same thing!

    Well not in my drawers, but the closet.

    Chat wouldn’t let me back in

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