Look before you roll, and other helpful hints for Costco trips

Tom drove me to the train on Friday morning so he could pick me up straight after work and we could head to Costco to browse and pick up a few necessary (read: unnecessary) items and then go pick up a menu from another local Chinese restaurant. We live in a very ethnic community but one that leans more East Indian than Chinese so Chinese restaurants appear to be a rare commodity. Our local place isn’t bad, but I’m holding out hope for awesome. We didn’t find it.

We tend to approach trips to Costco as a hunt for hidden treasure, not for a bulk-buy-orama. Frankly we waste so many things in small packages I shudder to think how much we could waste of a giant jar of mayo or yanno, side of beef or something.

We usually make our way counter-clockwise through the aisles on each side of the warehouse before hitting up the middle clothing, linen, book and dvd sections and I always, always go through the small appliance section. I have an appliance addiction that I would probably give in to more often if counter and cupboard space weren’t at such a premium in our kitchen. We did find a great replacement for our dying toaster, but I didn’t give into the new deep fryer’s siren song. Oh no, I was strong.

When we were walking down the office equipment section Tom spotted a boofy leather(ish?) chair and decided to take it for a spin (we need an office chair badly as right now we are using a barely padded oak chair from the kitchen nook set I inherited when my Mother moved). As he sat down the chair kind of shot across the smooth concrete floor and then he kind of leaned back before figuring out that the chair was missing one of the wheel legs. I saw him lean back and then heard him make a vague ‘Whuuahh’ sound as he tipped over and then managed to right himself just as I was about to take a dive to try to break his fall (all the while laughing). I said I wouldn’t have laughed if he had yanno, fallen and hurt himself but he called me out and made me admit that I would have, I would have just felt bad about it. I laugh at inappropriate things. I admit it. He also said that he could see a blog post coming.. That’s the one thing that the family has gotten used to over the last oh just about 2 years, if they do anything that makes me laugh, it is soooo blog fodder.

Later as we stand in line with our booty I all of a sudden notice there is a logo on the back of Tom’s shirt, so the entire time we were walking around the store Tom had his shirt on backwards. This struck me as incredibly funny so I started to giggle and then totally lost control. I had I dunno, dozens of people staring at me while I laughed and alternately fanned the tears with my fingers (you know, pageant style so you don’t run your mascara) and blotting with the tips of my fingers but to no avail. Tom fanned the flames by keeping me laughing, which in turn made me cry harder. The worst part is when I get going I can start sobbing I’m laughing/crying so hard and oh my gosh it can be embarrassing. It’s happened during meetings at work when something strikes me as unreasonably funny and I really cannot help it!

Of course I had to grab a picture of him and his backwards shirt with my handy-dandy ever-present camera.

Ummm, Honey? That's on backwards..

Tom is endlessly entertaining for me, whether he means to be or not. I love you honey, don’t ever stop!

We finally had our first drink with Chris now he is of legal age. Not that I’m encouraging drinking, I mean I don’t want to fight him for our liquor supply (kidding) but I thought it would a “right of passage” kind of thing and I missed his first real drink after he turned 19. So we bought him some beer that he will have to share with my deep fry batter. Neither Tom or I drink beer so it’s not gonna be around that much. Of course we had to take a picture of THAT too.
Legal fer drinking beer
A family full of photo-bugs, nobody is safe here. *Sigh* my babies are growing up!

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