The Three faces of Tom

My alter egos?

Originally uploaded by ThomasOMalley.

I kept meaning to blog this photo of Tom by Tom because I love it. He was playing with the digital camera he got for Christmas from your’s truly which has settings that allow long exposures among other things along with a hand-held flash.
If you look at the expressions of his faces in the photo you could probably find a matching face in my flickr photostream as they are typical Tommy faces when he sees a camera pointed at him. It’s like a DNA imprint in him to ham it up for the camera. I love that this is the case even when it’s self photography.

It’s no wonder I try to go all ninja-like and take a photo of him unawares. I haven’t been very sucessful so far, but I do better now that I’ve figured out how to turn off the beep when the camera lets you know when it’s focused.

PS: Pretend you don’t see that messy table behind him and the equally messy condo it’s in. Oh wait, you can’t see that part. Never mind.

Click on the photo above to take you to the original in Flickr and then click on ‘all sizes’ to see the detail. It’s pretty cool.

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