Seriously, who needs a flashlight when you have a pig?

It has been one of those weeks, the kind where you just feel worn down and tired. Lots of stress lots of long days and I was reallllllllly looking forward to some downtime this weekend.

Yesterday Tom and I had a date to go for dinner out in Langley while we go and pick up my replacement frames for my faulty pair of Dolce and Gabbana specs. I have had nothing but problems with these things since I bought them. Seriously. How many times does one have to go to a store and get them fixed and/or replaced? I was hoping however that this would be it. The Store manager had told me that it will be as simple as ordering new frame and just popping the existing lenses in. Bob’s your Uncle!

We dropped off the frame and headed over to the restaurant where the food was yummy and we had a nice dinner despite the fact we were literally surrounded by children. I dunno, I guess my tolerance for other people’s children in restaurants has been waning a lot over the last few years. Not everyone thinks that junior’s tossing things on the floor and screaming is cute. If they can’t behave, please don’t subject the rest of us to them k? When the Boys were little they behaved in public or I removed them. They were angels though and I used to get so many comments from fellow patrons on how well behaved, cute and smiling they were. Damn what happened?

After dinner we headed back over the the Willowbrook mall to pick up my glasses. When I asked for them the clerk made a face and said those dreaded words “There is a problem”. Turns out the old lenses don’t fit in the new frames. They fit tight on the sides but the lens doesn’t fit in the frame top and bottom. I mean WTF? She tells me that I will have to leave them there and they will order new lenses. AGAIN. I have had these glasses since last summer and they have NEVER been right. We’ve been back and forth to that mall more times than I care to remember,around seven times. I told her I’m not going back there again and she said they could send the glasses to an affliated store closer to home. I kept my temper but I know my frustration had to have been showing through. I know it’s not her fault but dammit I’m pissy. She said the Manager will call me next Tuesday with some sort of resolution. The Manager had said if there was any more problems they would make it right. Well, I’m at the point where I just want my damn money back. These were NOT cheap glasses.

The funniest part of the evening came when we got home. Tom had picked up some windshield washer fluid for me. My car has an annoying light that has been at first blinking warning me it’s fluid is getting low to staying on steady as I chose to ignore the light. Well, to be fair to myself I did try to buy some at Canadian Tire but they were out. I guess all the icky weather had caused a run on the stuff.

Anyway, we pulled into our underground and I asked Tom if he would help me fill up the fluid thingie. After having a challenge figuring out where it was (I usually get the Lube and Oil people to top it off) especially in the dark, Tom asked if I had a flashlight on my key ring. Nope but I DID have my novelty oinking pig with the light up nose. I mean that little sucker is BRIGHT!

Here piggie piggie piggie

So I pull out my keys and press down on the button to give Tom some light in order to see the opening to pour the fluid into. While shining it’s light the pig makes this rather loud electronic-y oinking noise over and over.

Light up oinking pig thingie

Watching this I started to giggle which caused Tom to laugh and miss the opening while starting to pour. He takes the pig from me and tries to hold it, press down the button AND pour at the same time. I mean it just looked and sounded so ridiculous by then I was crying, tears just pouring down my face. So not helping him stay focused and pour (heh). Now this is one of those moments where you just had to BE there, but trust me it was funny.

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