Sliding down memory lane

I suppose that I came by my shutter-bug tendencies honestly, I know my Dad was bitten bad when he was younger evidenced by the sheer number of prints and slides I’ve inherited since he passed on. They run the gamut from snapshots of people I’ve never met, scenic shots of Vancouver and surrounding area from the 50’s and 60’s to slides of us kids when we were young. But pretty much the minute I could take a shot without cutting off my subject’s head I became the family photographer and all but disappeared from pictures from then on in.

I’ve noticed lately how badly the slides I have are starting to break-down and that really distresses me. I mean geez, it’s part of my family history that is either slowly fading or being attacked by the purple splotch monster. I need to do something about it.

Tom had an older scanner with a slide attachment but it was slow and scanning a couple at a time got pretty tedious. Here are a couple of the ones I managed to do on the old scanner.

Netty Belinda and Dad 1 slide scan

Me, Dad and my Sister Annette

Netty Belinda and Mom Xmas 1969

Annette, Mom and Me

I looked into having someone scan them to disk for me, but it would seem they prices run anywhere from 50 cents up to over a buck PER SLIDE so me-thinks it’s time to get a better scanner that is made for this kind of thing and do them myself. Sure it will take a long time to get them all done but shoot I would rather invest the time and do it slowly than end up paying that kind of money. I’m talking a LOT of slides here.

Just for fun I pulled out the old Anscomatic slide projector which is an ancient monstrosity that also came my way after Dad died.

Old projector

It took me a few minutes of head scratching to remember how the thing worked, but to my amazement it still did. Sean had a riot watching the slides with me projected on the dining-room wall. Every so often one would get stuck and I would have to extricate it without mangling it or burning my hands on in bulb or hot metal inside.

Cinnamon tried to figure out where the thing on the wall was coming from and how she could capture it. You can barely see her off to the right of the image (yeah it’s blurry I know)

Kill kill, grab the moving light

It was fun sharing these old photos with Sean and it’s made me all the more anxious to get to saving these precious old photos before they are gone for good.

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