Vacation countdown


What a couple of weeks it’s been. Long days and bizzy bizzy bizzy.

Ever have those times where you put everything you have into your work so much so that when you get home even trying to articulate a thought is a chore? Seriously. It’s getting so bad after hours that someone around here can ask me a question and my brain processes the information slooooowwwwly. Kind of like those progress bars on a browser when it’s trying to connect to a web page with heavy traffic.

I’m tired.

What is keeping me going is remembering I DO have vacation coming up in a few weeks (yay!) and even though it’s ‘only’ a couple of days more than a week, it’s a week (+) that I can just UNPLUG. Literally. No electronic umbilical cords. No compulsive email checking to keep in the loop. No workaholism. Even if I don’t bring my laptop home, it’s way too easy for me to just walk over to my home PC and check my work email when I vacation in le club slurrey. It’s MY problem. It’s not like I have to, I feel compelled to.

Must have something to do with being a type ‘A’, that and the OCD tendencies ;) . Really, getting out of dodge couldn’t come at a better time. Of course it isn’t exactly a ‘relaxy’ type vacation at say a beach or something but it’s time with my family and that is always great.

Hopefully Tom and I will have a chance to do another get-away just the two of us, somewhere this summer. Even if it’s just back to the Interior again. That was awesome last time. Belinda + Hubby + Wine + good food + better hotel than last time = fun.

Plus ya never know. If we don’t plan anything we could always check on those last-minute type impulsive specials and end up somewhere we’ve never been before just to say we have. I’ve been so rock-steady all of my life it’s time to start embracing some impulsive.

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