What’s in your bag?

There is a group on flickr called ‘What’s in your Bag’. I found looking through the pool of photos quite fascinating for some reason. Handbags contents can be an interesting reflection of the person who carries them around. My purse has been scarily neat lately, mostly because the bulk of my shite is contained in my laptop bag, including many receipts, gum wrappers and probably a few bits of loose tobacco (yeah bad habit I know, blah blah).

Not being a real joiner I haven’t really participated in any group on flickr where I hadn’t already take a picture that fit the group but for this one (and my favourite group in flickrland EVAR Stick figures in Peril) I’ve made an exception to that rule.

My Bag

The idea is, you spill your bag out, arrange the contents and then add notes to them. The original photo with my notes is here .

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