15/24 ain’t bad

The tv station had an Oscar pool again this year and I came in tied at second with 15 out of 24 of the categories correct. First place was only 16/24 right in this year of surprises so not too shabby!

I have to admit though, in some of the technical categories I did the equivalent of closing my eyes and pointing to pick a winner and dammit Eddy, you let me down!

I also have to say I still heart Meryl Streep the most even though I didn’t pick her to win (it was the Helen Mirren sweep year, she just had to know that) and I’m over the moon at Martin Scorsese’s win. He has the best eyebrows in the business (Eugene Levy’s run a close second).

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2 Responses to 15/24 ain’t bad

  1. Tom says:

    Is it any consolation that the person in last place only got THREE out of 24?

  2. americanuck says:

    Hello? I’m Competitive!!

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