My new toy

A new toy

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Yep. I got me a new camera. Yay!

Tom twisted my arm really HARD (okay to be honest it didn’t take much twisting) when he saw an advert for this camera. He said with vacation coming up and all those photo ops we are bound to have that I needed a better camera.

Oh my GOD I LOVE LOVE LOVE this camera. So many more things to figure out how to use. I was an SLR gal for years so I don’t know from buttons, but I will get it eventually. Maybe if I read the manual (what a concept!) instead of what I usually do. Shoot I was still discovering how to use some things on my old camera. Who am I kidding? For a smart cookie I can be really dumb sometimes.

Two more weeks and we are on the road and our passports are still not back (two months it has been!) I’m thinking it’s for sure Plan B (road trip) but it’s all good. Like I said before, it’s the time with the family no matter where that is important. I can always visit Mickey Mouse some other time right?

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