Due South

Halle-FREAKIN-luiah the passports are on their way! Or rather, Passport Canada has put the authorization through my credit card so at least I know I didn’t totally eff up the applications and they will get here eventually.. I’ve heard horror stories of small errors or BAD passport photos with a shadow or something that can cause the application to be refused and that would completely SUCK.

Thank God they are not refused for just looking yech…

 Whether they make it in time for us to book a last minute flight is another story but we shall play by ear.

This will make it a lot easier on me with the potential business travel in my future. I wanted options… whether we could find a cheaper flight from Vancouver or Seattle to Georgia for instance IF Tom can get the time off to come with me. Yeah, that’s where I go on business for the most part (other than the odd jaunt to Toronto). Small town Georgia but it’s nice and I LOVE the people and this time I will get to visit Callaway Gardens again but I’m staying OUT of the Day Butterfly center.

The last time I went there was a few years ago with a coworker and her trainer (from the course she was taking).  I’m sure its meant to be a lovely stroll through an indoor conservatory with all the tropical plants, birds and of course butterflies and all but to me it was a house of horrors.  Have I ever mentioned how much I hate bugs?

It started out ok, it was humid and everything but bearable. I think I maybe got a couple of steps in the door when I realized that the butterflies were, you know, actually flying around. They flew over you, by you and in my case AT YOU.

This one lovely blue butterfly made the unfortunate decision to dive bomb my head. It was his last. I started screaming, flapping my arms and running blindly OUT of the butterfly center. Turns out my arm flapping had kind of, well accidentally shortened the already short life of said butterfly. So yeah, I’m not going back. I’m sure my picture is up somewhere.

We have some Georgians coming up in the next couple of weeks as well which is always a riot. I’m such a sponge that I pick up the accent and start talking like them a little. I swear if we end up somewhere in the South some day, give me a week and you wouldn’t even know I wasn’t born there. I love accents!


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2 Responses to Due South

  1. Jen says:

    Oy, we’re waiting for our passports to come back, too. Two months? Yikes. Nice pics, though. They made me pull my hair behind my ears and I wasn’t allowed to smile. Do they want us to look like criminals or what?

  2. americanuck says:

    Behind your ears huh?… I didn’t think ears were that identifying!

    We look like we were featured on Cops.

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